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An call from the divine
"The divine called me... Perhaps the world needs me..."
Lately i wasn't very active, but i was thinking about some cool features, like the Action Journal and others stuff.
Update : The gif was too big to even load so i replaced it with an 4K display instead, took long to render but worth the shot atleast !
Allow me to introduce the personal Action journals ! 
For starters it will allow me to tell you a story with like written up there, some actions in it !
Furthermore, this kind of journal will be filled with some pictures not animated or filled with multiples frames :

For example [Action Journals] by alpha1545

Of course i will also think about those who can't see those gifs and will place an text describing the action like an role playing story :
Alpha : For example :
*leaning his head a little on the right*
Alpha : Those frames.
Alpha : :) (Smile) 

And... That's it.

On this point, i will see in the medieval world where i can find an guild ready to answer your questions.
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  • Watching: The screen
  • Eating: Sandvitch
  • Drinking: Water
[Recon] Alpha
I'll explain later, meanwhile you can search everything hidden in this picture, guess i'm just to... *Yawn* Tired... But in basis : This is an investigation to something that happened, i'll publish something tomorrow...
[Agents] Introducing : Hector
Hector was an soldier with no compassion and always talk about the price that the enemy pay with blood... He's also the one without technological advantage.
Ghost Tech Echo : I can never read that guy... He would blow up an building to ensure that nobody can come out alive !
Ghost Derik : He's a good pal, except when he talk about honor.
Ghost Delta Leader : He's a good soldier with a lot of respect even if he can go insane sometimes.
He dislike those who don't fight with honor and loyalty.

Gear : 
Nothing particular except that he's an weapon master so...

He's the second of the group, he would give his life to save his teammates.
[Agents] Introducing : Derik
Derik is a kind of agent to not fool around the objective, even if he's got an... Strange sense of humour.
Ghost Tech Echo : He can be a jack ass but he's still an member of the Ghost agents.
Ghost Delta Leader : He's lacking of discipline.
Ghost Hector : Think i can laugh about his jokes but it's still an deadly guy... Even without looking he can kill you.
He dislike technology and prefer the old fashion way.
Gear : 
- Armor
-Stealth Boots
- Communicator eye patch*.
*AR vision his displayed on his patch, and yes he's still got all of his eyes
- Nozzle Nose
- his favorite cap and an bandana with microphone integrated for easier communication


alpha1545's Profile Picture
What can i say, i'm bad at poker ? Or that when i laugh i sound like an evil devil from a cartoon (not my fault, my voice did it.) ?
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Thx for the watch m8. Hope u enjoy my art!
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I don't mind if it's SFM or Gmod
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Okidoki !
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Btw, could you do him in this pose?
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